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2017 Hottest Summer Pool Toys




2017 Hottest Summer Pool Toys

If you’re in denial that the summer days are getting cooler and summer night are gradually getting shorter, you’re not alone. There’s actually no better time to stock up on the summer’s hottest pool toys because they’re probably on sale. Save money and savor the remaining summer days with this year’s hottest summer inflatables.

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Chuck-O Splash

Beanbag toss gets wet and wild with the summer version of this backyard favorite. The rules are the same as regular cornhole but the challenge is that your target is now floating around a pool. The Chuck-O Splash backboard is designed with plastic and foam boards to stay afloat while you toss the bean bags across the water.

Intex Inflat-A-Bull

Make a splash this summer by taking the rodeo to the water with this bull riding inflatable pool toy. This floating bull bucks with the best of them. Your friends can grab the handles on the side and shake until the rider falls off. Instead of hitting the hard ground when you fall of this bull, you’ll splash into the pool for a refreshing dip.

Watermelon Ball

Watermelon Ball is a new pool game that’s making a splash. What makes this game unique is the ball, which happens to look like a watermelon. Unlike regular basketballs, dodgeball and beach balls, this neutrally buoyant ball can be passed and dribbled underwater. Watermelons, the fruit, are naturally buoyant too, so that was the inspiration for this game. Watermelon Ball combines the best parts of your favorite sports such as football, rugby, and basketball. For a complete set of rules, visit the Watermelon Ball website.

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SwimWays Flood Force Water Cannon

Defend your area of the pool with this powerful water toy. Water guns are no match for this water cannon. The bottom of this water weapon remains submerged in the pool, which means you have a continuous burst of water ammunition. Unleash this powerful water stream in the water or plug the reservoir for land-based attacks.

Trendy Inflatables

As always, this year there were new options for adorable, Instagram-able inflatables. Giant floating flamingos, doughnuts, and swans are a throwback to summer 2016 but they remained popular this year. Unicorns, pineapples and all things emoji were some fresh floaties for this summer’s pool scene. Get these toys while they’re on sale and before it’s too late to post a picture of them on social media.