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The 8×8 Rule, Fact or Fiction?


8×8 Rule

Fact or Fiction?

Most people understand that consuming enough water to stay hydrated plays a key role in bodily health. Here at Quality Water Services, we’re passionate about providing you with tips on staying hydrated and access to pure, quality water. While some tips and tricks can be helpful, there’s a lot of fiction surrounding how much and what kinds of water you should be drinking. This week we’re talking about the infamous 8×8 rule, and whether or not this is the best tactic for consuming the perfect amount of water.

eight glasses of water, a visual depiction of the 8x8 rule

Have you heard of the 8×8 rule?

This rule is a relatively simple rule of thumb to follow if you choose to do so. The 8×8 rule means that you should consume eight eight-ounce glasses of water every day. It doesn’t specify whether or not they should be broken up throughout the day, consumed in the morning or night, or how fast they should be consumed. Essentially, as long as you get the specific amount of water in your system throughout the day, nothing else matters according to this rule.

Is this rule just a fraud?

This water rule came to be in 1945 by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences. Many people argue that since the rule is so outdated, it should be tossed out by the science community altogether and replaced with more updated research. Despite this rule being followed by doctors, nutritionists, and families across the United States for the past 73 years, a primary clinical study was never actually cited. In fact, the rule was actually slightly misinterpreted from the original document. Going back to the original 1945 document, the original scientists specified that some of this water could be consumed via food, meaning that a whole eight glasses wouldn’t actually need to be drank throughout the day if you ate water-rich foods like fruits and veggies.

Every few years when this rule resurfaces, scholars seek out to debunk the “myth.” Most of the time, nutritionists suggest drinking as much water as you feel thirsty for, and that many people actually consume more water than necessary. This is due to the fact that some people theorize that water doesn’t have as many health benefits as people might think. So the question is, who’s right?

a family drinking water, cheers-ing to hydration

The truth behind the 8×8

This rule doesn’t have much (or any) scientific backing. There has been no research conducted to discover the benefits of consuming eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day. Many scientists who dispute this rule advocate that water consumption varies on the individual and should be customized to specific needs. They believe the 8×8 rule would actually be too much water for most people. However, this rule does come in handy, sometimes.

Many people struggle to drink enough water because they either forget or don’t like the taste. They become dehydrated, sometimes without knowing they’re dehydrated and their health suffers, especially since so many people confuse feelings of thirst and hunger, causing individuals to eat too much and drink too little water. Sometimes, arbitrary rules such as this one, are the best ways for individuals to develop the proper hydration schedule. We recommend using a trick such as the 8×8 rule to begin introducing regular water intake to your schedule and adapting it for your own needs. By setting schedules, rules, or guidelines for yourself to follow, you can enjoy an overall more hydrated and healthy life.

What is the conclusion?

Ultimately, there is no science behind the 8×8 rule. No tests have been conducted to prove its veracity or lack thereof, which is why many people believe it shouldn’t be followed under any circumstance. However, a benefit from the rule would be developing a water schedule. By setting strict guidelines for how much water to drink everyday, you’re more likely to have your water intake at the forefront of your mind. This is especially important if you’ve experienced dehydration before, you have an illness, or are pregnant.

If you struggle to drink enough water simply because you’re unhappy with the quality of water in your life, call us here at Quality Water Services today to get started on your clean water journey. Once you have good tasting water in your life, you’ll find yourself much more likely to keep yourself happily hydrated!