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Long story short

The year was 1964, and our founder Jack Lorenzen, found himself working in a manufacturing plant in Lincoln, NE, a job which he despised. One day a water softener salesman called on him and briefly explained the benefits of soft, clean water. The elimination of dry itchy skin was one of the benefits that caught his attention because Jack had a daughter with severely dry skin. After seeing the presentation, he purchased a water system from the salesman, and within a short time, it eliminated his daughter’s dry skin. He liked the product so much he thought maybe he could help consumers as the salesman helped him. Jack started selling water softeners part-time in 1964 and by 1965, he was so excited about the water business he purchased the company.

Water Softeners
Water Softeners
Water Softeners

Today, the water business has evolved and changed dramatically. More products are available to consumers, product quality has improved, better testing methods are used to treat arising water problems. Our philosophy is that our relationship with you starts when you decide to become our customer, and unlike most companies, the relationship doesn’t end at the point of sale. Quality Water Services cares by giving our customers clean, safe water for life.

Our commitment to YOU is that we will provide your home, office, business or factory with the highest quality equipment, continue with ongoing support and follow-up services to ensure that your system is always working. All this at the lowest possible price without compromise!


At Quality Water Services, we believe that the relationships we foster are as important as the water we treat. Our team would love to talk with you and your family about how clean, safe, and soft water can enhance the quality of your life. Click the button below to schedule a free consultation!