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A Guide to Autumn Lawn Watering

A Guide to

Autumn Lawn Watering

Autumn can be a tricky time for lawn care, especially if, like some of us, you weren’t born with the greenest thumb around. In Lincoln and Omaha, autumn can be a tricky time for lawn care since the weather starts becoming more unpredictable. This week, we’re running through the ins and outs of autumn lawn care: specifically, how should you be watering your lawn in fall?

a small spinning water sprinkler watering an autumn lawn sprinkled with leaves

Should I keep watering my lawn during the fall?

This mostly depends on the kind of fall the Nebraska is having. Like we said, the weather starts to get a little unpredictable during the autumn months. This year, we’ve seen quite a bit of rain, so the best advice we can give is to hold off on watering your lawn if it has rained within the same week.

What if I have an automatic system?

If you have an automatic system, reduce the amount of water you’re giving your lawn. Since we’ve had heavy rains at the beginning of the season, your lawn is likely overflowing already. As long as we’re consistently seeing an inch of precipitation per week, you should be able to stop watering the lawn.

Should I take the time to reseed?

Reseeding is tricky in the fall because you need to ensure that the seeds are able to take root for about 2 weeks before heavy precipitation or you risk your investment washing away.

in-ground sprinklers spraying water over a well manicured lawn

When should I stop watering?

It’s safe to stop watering your lawn in mid to late October. This is when your lawn is going into a dormant state for winter. During the autumn months, your lawn prepares itself for dormancy, and reducing the amount of water in the soil will help them achieve this.

How does my grass prepare for winter?

Plants lower the concentration of water in their roots to prepare for winter. This acts as a natural antifreeze. As the temperature of the soil lowers and starts the freeze, the plants are able to stay thawed because they are holding so little water that they cannot freeze except at extremely low temperatures.

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