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In our last post we talked about how to actually succeed in having a habit stick, specifically the habit of drinking more water. Today, we want to dive into one of the aspects we discussed before: Habit Stacking. Except we’re not talking about the good habits necessarily. If you get that water drinking linked up with all the less-than-good-for-you things you are drinking instead of water, you can actually baby step your way to a better-hydrated lifestyle while you phase out the old routines.

So you have a soda addiction and you know it needs to stop. It can’t be stressed enough: BABY. STEPS. Sure, it’d be great if you could just jump to all water straight out of the gate but that’s pretty much a sure fire way to tank your efforts. It’s not just a dramatic way to put it – your body is literally addicted to everything about that soda. The sugar. The caffeine. The bubbly goodness…. oh goodness, a soda does sound good right now. FOCUS.


How many sodas do you drink a day? After your first one of the day, pick a healthier substitute for when you want a second one. Is it the fizz that you miss when drinking water? Try substituting with a seltzer water or a mineral water til you’re further along on your good habit. Is it the sweet you crave? Flavored waters can do in a pinch as a substitute. Flavored and fizzy? SCORE.


Sugary-sweet drinks are so easy to mindlessly sip and before you know it, you’ve taken out a big container without even realizing. You get a little hit of sweet every time and it’s hard to quit. Try baby step diluting your sugary drinks, and not setting it in such an accessible spot that you are consuming it mindlessly. Make it so you have to think about getting up to drink it, and maybe you’ll think twice. Just like above: substitute. Stick a glass of water where you would normally leave the sugary drink and mindlessly sip away!


Soda stream machines can be a lot of fun and give some excitement to otherwise boring drinks. This is a way to liven up the at-home water drinking with way less sugar and keeping all the fizz.


If you aren’t already a tea fan, it’s another great way to sneak in water while still having some flavor. It can be fun to make a special outing to a tea shop where you can smell lovely loose-leaf varieties and have someone help you pick something special you’ll love. If you’re used to a bunch of caffeine from sodas, you can get caffeinated tea that can ease you down off of that end of things without the major headaches. Drinking tea can be a yummy soothing alternative to plain water, just don’t go adding all the sugar and stuff back in!

Ultimately, the goal is for you to consume more pure, filtered healthy water than all the other stuff, (have we mentioned we could help you with that?) but sometimes you have to ease into it with a little flair. Hoping your year is off to a great start!