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Benefits of Cold Water

Benefits of

Cold Water

At Quality Water Services, we believe that people deserve clean water to help them lead healthier lives. In November, we discussed the benefits of hot water and how you might benefit from drinking warm water in the cooler months. This week we’re exploring the benefits of cold water on your health, skin, hair, and mind, and analyzing whether or not you should implement more ice cold water in to your lifestyle as we approach the warmer months.

Effect on Body: Burns calories

Our bodies naturally work to keep our overall temperature within 97.7 degrees fahrenheit and 99.0 degrees fahrenheit.When we’re exposed to external temperatures of extreme degrees, such as a hot summer day or an ice cold shower, our bodies need to work to maintain a proper temperature. When taking cold showers, our bodies not only work extra hard to maintain proper heat which burns calories, but we also shiver, causing even more calorie loss. While the calories burned may be minimal, implementing a short spurt of cold water in to your routine showers will help you burn extra calories and lose weight. (Just be careful to not stay submerged in the ice cold water for too long, as you might begin to feel ill or hypothermic).

male hands washing with cold water

Effect on Skin: Maintains essential oils

When washing your body or face, it’s best to use room temperature water. Lukewarm water is the most gentle on the skin, and doesn’t cause any shock or reaction. Using hot water dries your skin out by stripping it of it’s essential oils. Also, not only does hot water leave your skin feeling dry and dull, but it can also increase sensitivity on the surface of the skin, causing irritation. Using cold water helps keep the oils on your skin in place and can act as an astringent, tightening the skin and reducing puffiness. Pores will appear smaller when splashed with ice cold water, and you’re likely to experience brighter skin.

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Effect on Hair: Increases shine

There are many different studies on the effects of cold or hot water on hair. While some scientists believe the effects are minimal, others swear by a quick cold rinse at the end of a hot shower. When showering with warm or hot water, the overlapping cells of the cuticle separates. While this allows the shampoo to penetrate even deeper into the shaft of each strand of hair, it can also make them appear dull and frizzy. Cold water makes the hair lay flatter, allowing the hair follicles to reflect more light for shinier hair.

Effect on Mind: Increases Good Moods!

Studies show that cold water eases pain (ice baths, anyone?), can boost your immune system, and can make you happier overall. In fact, some scientists believe that cold water (either by drinking, being submerged, or occasionally splashing on the skin) can be a great aspect in many treatment plans for depression. Also, by enjoying all of the other benefits of implementing ice cold water in to your daily routine, you’re bound to feel happier as you notice the changes in your body, mind, and energy level.

Begin to experiment with cold water this summer as a way to not only cool down, but to better take care of your body and mind. If you have any questions about how Quality Water Services can help you install cleaner water in your home, call us today and we’d be happy to answer all of your water softener questions.