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Ready to learn about reverse osmosis? Interested in how clean water can impact your health? Looking for tips and tricks on how to extend the lifespan of your water softener? How often should you change your filters? All of these questions and more will be explored and answered right here in our blog. Quality Water Services understands that there is a lot of information regarding clean, safe, and soft water. We are also proud to be a trusted resource for our community. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back often for new articles, tips, news, and more.

8 Weird Water Facts for Winter

The team at Quality Water Services is fascinated by all things aquatic—that’s why we provide residents of Lincoln and Omaha with the best quality drinking water possible through water softener and reverse osmosis system installation. The only thing we love as much as...

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Don’t Take a Winter Hiatus from Hydration

Everyone (ourselves included) raves about the importance of staying hydrated all summer long. That’s because it’s crucial to our health. But if it’s so important to stay hydrated, why does everyone stop talking about it during the winter? Does it suddenly become less...

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Tips to Conserve Water this Thanksgiving

The holidays create some of the most magical moments of the year. There are few better times to be had than those spent surrounded by family, friends, and a table full of amazing food. Unfortunately, these can also be some of the most wasteful days of the year....

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Omaha and Lincoln Annual Water Reports: Part II

Last week we outlined the findings of the 2017 Annual Water Reports for Lincoln and Omaha. We found out some important facts, the most important of which is that our water is safe to drink straight from the faucet. Thanks, Nebraska water management facilities!...

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Omaha and Lincoln Annual Water Quality Reports

Quality Water Services prides itself on assisting Nebraskan families who want to provide the cleanest possible water to their families. One of the best ways to achieve that goal is the installation of water a softener system to help clean out the chemicals, minerals,...

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Try Our DIY Hard Water Check

Try Our DIY Hard Water Check As Lincoln and Omaha’s experts in water purification, we know that the water provided to both of those cities isn’t the highest quality possible. Quality Water Services has been helping Nebraskan families get access to purer water since...

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A Guide to Autumn Lawn Watering

A Guide to Autumn Lawn Watering Autumn can be a tricky time for lawn care, especially if, like some of us, you weren’t born with the greenest thumb around. In Lincoln and Omaha, autumn can be a tricky time for lawn care since the weather starts becoming more...

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Another Invasive Species makes Midwest Waters Home

Another Invasive Species makes Midwest Waters Home Nebraska has seen its fair share of invasive species, both on land and in water, during recent years. Japanese beetles, invasive species of carp, and zebra mussels have made headlines in the last few years as their...

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