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I Can’t Get My Kids To Drink Water

I Can’t

Get My Kids

To Drink Water

You might feel frustrated every time your kid reaches for a juice or soda rather than the faucet, but you’ve given up on the “please drink water” battle. We’re here this week to discuss tips and tricks on convincing your kiddos to stay hydrated with the filtered water in your home, rather than the sugary beverages you might have stocked in your fridge.

Why this is important to us

In 1964, our founder Jack Lorenzen said yes when a salesman asked if he’d like to hear more about soft, clean water. At the time, Jack’s daughter suffered from severely dry skin, and when the salesmen told him that a benefit of soft water is hydrated skin, Jack thought he’d give water filtration a try. After seeing his daughter’s skin begin to heal and she no longer experienced uncomfortable dry skin, he felt motivated to purchase the water filtration company and continue educating families on the benefits of soft, clean, and fresh water, especially when provided to children.

group of children who love to drink water together

Tip one: Lead by example

If your kiddos see you drinking water, they’ll be more inclined to follow your example. Consider making comments about the water you’ve had or how good your fruit infused water tasted in front of your kids, and see how they begin to gravitate towards the water as well. Also, consider having a “grown-up shelf” in the fridge where you store soda, juices, milk, and other non-water beverages. Encourage your kids to ask for you to grab a drink for them rather than giving them full access to all the sugary drinks 24/7.

Tip two: Make them proud

Take your kids to the store and allow them to pick out any water bottle they choose. This will be their designated water bottle, and they will be responsible for keeping it full, keeping it in sight, and keeping it clean. By giving them something to take care of and be proud of, they’ll enjoy drinking water out of their special glass.

Tip three: Make it fun

Getting art supplies and decorating water bottles can be a good way to make water seem fun for your kids. Consider picking up some fun straws and letting your kids swap them out each day to keep the water bottle fun and exciting for them. It’s important to show them that drinking water can be as fun as drinking sugary drinks, if not more fun.

a pitcher filled with fruit infused water

Tip four: Make it tasty

We understand that drinking water might seem bland no matter what container its in, which is why it’s also important to give water good flavor even when its in fun bottles. Try infusing water with fruit, such as berries, cucumbers, lemons, oranges, or even mint to give it a fresh flavor. Give your kids free range of the fruit in the fridge, and allow them to create their own concoctions of water infusions. If you don’t want to infuse the water with fruit, consider making infused ice cubes to add color to the water, and a gradual flavor as the ice melts. Also, there are plenty of calorie free flavor additions you can add to water to make water tastier!

At the end of the day, whatever works best for your family to stay hydrated is the best tactic. Work with your kids to teach them the importance of drinking water, and they’ll be guzzling that fresh clean water in no time. To provide them with the cleanest, purest water on the market, contact Quality Water Services today to talk about a soft water system.