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Cape Town Is Still Running Out Of Water

Cape Town

Is Still

Running Out Of Water

You’ve probably heard the name “Cape Town” and know they have limited water, but aren’t entirely sure just how dire the situation is. This week we’re discussing the Cape Town water crisis, how they’re handling it, and when they’re expecting their taps to finally run dry.

image of Cape Town water shortage billboard

Long story short

Cape Town is a coastal city in South Africa experiencing extreme drought. They have labeled Day Zero as the day when they run out of water nearly completely and must enforce extreme water rationing. As the drought has become more threatening, the authorities have continued to place stricter limits on water available to each person and home. Now, at the height of the crisis, Capetonians are only allowed 50 liters per day for all of their water needs, including drinking, showering, cooking, flushing the toilet, washing dishes, and any other mundane task that requires water. To put this in perspective, the shower you take every day that lasts about eight minutes uses about 65.1 liters.

Day zero

Day Zero was originally scheduled for October 2017, then April 21st, then May 11th, then recently 2019. Now, this past weeked, Cape Town has averted Day Zero yet again. This means that the city won’t have to worry about taps running dry until 2020. Some people wonder why this deadline keeps getting pushed back, while others are just excited that water is not yet running dry. This is simply a testimate to the hard work and dedication of the Capetonians who are restricting their water usage and working as a united team against the struggles at hand. With their continued dedication and communal support, authorities feel optimistic that Day Zero might cease to exist.

Can you visit Cape Town?

Cape Town is a beautiful city, and we mean beautiful. They have everything from mountains, beaches, wildlife, outdoor adventures, and wine to great African barbeque and nightlife. It’s not uncommon to have plentiful tourists throughout the year, especially during peak visiting months (December-February), and they love welcoming in visitors with open arms. Nearly 300,000 jobs in Cape Town are tourist related, so visiting Cape Town is encouraged regardless of the drought. As long as you abide by the water restriction (50 liters per day), you will have plenty of water for daily needs such as drinking, bathing, and daily hygiene. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful views while also gaining a newfound appreciation for the water in your own home.

members of the Cape Town community filling their water bottles

Water you using water for?

Cape Town is not the only city suffering from water crisis. It’s important to understand that the access you have to water is not to be taken lightly, and that many other people in the world are struggling to find enough safe water to simply drink. Stop and ask yourself what you are using water for. Do you turn the faucet off while you brush your teeth? Do you wait for the dishwasher to be full before running? Do you use timed sprinklers to help conserve water? By asking yourself thoughtful questions about your water usage, you can help conserve and protect the water in your own city.

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