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Am I Dehydrated?

Am I


Here at Quality Water, we’re proud to provide people with clean and enriched water to help improve their overall quality of life. Unfortunately, many people don’t consume enough water and are often unaware that their body is truly dehydrated. This week we’re discussing the signs to watch for to get a better understanding of your body and figure out whether or not you’re consuming enough water.

asian woman hot, sweaty, and dehydrated in desert

First Sign: You’re Too Hot

When dehydrated, your body can’t properly regulate temperature. After time, your body can run out of sweat when you don’t consume enough water. This means you’re unable to sweat when your body becomes an irregular temperature, simply storing the excess heat in your body without being able to release it. Without being able to sweat, you’re at a higher risk for heat stroke, which could potentially be fatal.

Second Sign: Dizziness and Headaches

With our busy culture, it’s not uncommon to experience headaches, dizziness, or light headedness. Most American’s don’t get enough rest at night, and we often attribute our sleep deprivation to these symptoms. However, the more likely cause of your headaches and dizziness is dehydration. When you don’t consume enough water, your body begins to pick and choose how to focus energy, and we experience head symptoms.

Third Sign: You’re Throwing Tantrums

While there are many different reasons you may feel more irritable, dehydration might just be the leading cause. A slightly disturbing theory on this sign of dehydration is that parts of our brain shrink with dehydration. While this theory has not been proven, many scientists do believe a dehydrated brain invokes irritability and frustration until more water can be consumed regardless of the physical manifestations of that dehydration on the brain.

woman holding cramped muscle caused by dehydration

Fourth Sign: Muscle Cramps and Spasms

We all experience the minor muscle cramp or spasm after a long day of work. We write this off as being tired or overworked, when truthfully, a leading cause of muscle discomfort is dehydration. If you continually experience discomfort in your muscles, don’t disregard the symptoms, as you most likely are dehydrated. Make sure to hydrate your body when you experience muscle discomfort, as you’ll most likely feel immediate relief.

Fifth Sign: You’re In Trouble

If you’re experiencing urine trouble, then you’re in trouble (see what we did there?). If you’re having a difficult time using the restroom, you’re most likely dehydrated. Your body should frequently need to relieve itself, and if you aren’t finding yourself in the bathroom multiple times per day, you’re not consuming enough water. Another bathroom sign to understand is the color of your urine. If your urine is darker than a light lemonade color, consider consuming more water.

If you’re reading this information because you’re concerned you might be dehydrated, chances might be that you are. Our bodies need an ample amount of water in order to function appropriately. For more information on the proper quality of water you should consume, visit our website today to learn about a soft water system and how you can benefit from better quality water.