Different Types of Water Filtration for Different Businesses

Different Types of

Water Filtration

for Different Businesses

It’s no secret that there are different types of water filtration products, however, many people aren’t sure exactly which is right for them or their business. This week, we’re walking you through the different types of water filtration services and which business they’d be the most appropriate for.

overhead view of a person washing dishes in a restaurant

Food industry

If you own a restaurant, bakery, or any other food industry business, it can be intimidating trying to meet health code while also not breaking the bank on unnecessary water filtration systems. By consulting your city laws in regards to water filtration, you and your restaurant team can make the proper decision when it comes to which type of water filtration is best for your store. Some of the reasons why restaurants need filtration systems are, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining warranty on equipment (many equipment suppliers won’t supply warranties on equipment being used with unclean water)
  • Reducing limescale buildup on equipment (keeping your equipment clean will help keep guests and employees happy)
  • Require less personal time commitments (by hiring a third party to monitor and maintain your water supply, you’ll be able to spend more time coaching your wait staff and building relationships with guests)

a barista making espresso, which tastes better with water filtration

Coffee shops and bars

While some coffee shops and bars fall under the food service, many function only as beverage providers. This means they have less equipment to maintain and overall different needs. For example, many coffee shops use reverse osmosis systems to provide the purist quality water, improving the taste of their beverages. In fact, many people don’t understand the importance of using the proper water for coffee and tea, and when they make the switch, they and their customers are far happier with the results. If you provide drinks to the public, consider researching water filtration services for these following reasons:

  • Purer coffee and tea drinks (after all, you’re here to be the best in town, right?)
  • Removing the fluoride in water can help reduce the health benefits of consuming too much fluoride (which you can read more about here)
  • Reducing guest complaints (no one ever complained about water that tasted too good)
  • Reducing water spots on glasses/cups (keeping dishware clean is paramount to providing a quality beverage)

Corporate businesses

For corporate businesses, water filtration may seem more trivial, but it is definitely important. While the water isn’t being served to the public, it is still being consumed by everyone in the building. It’s important to have quality water for consumption, even if on a smaller scale. Hard water won’t hurt equipment, considering there typically isn’t much equipment in an office, however, it can clog pipes over time. This will lead to unnecessary plumbing issues down the road, and cost money in the long run. If you own your office building, consider adding water filtration devices to your supply for these reasons:

  • Demonstrate your care to your employees (by providing clean and tasty water for your employees, they’ll feel more valued)
  • Demonstrate your success to visitors (there’s nothing quite as tacky in a client meeting as providing bad tasting water)
  • Save the pipes (hard water can build up over time, and by using the proper filtration services, you can help prevent buildup and a hefty plumbing bill)

If you’re excited to implement water filtration in your home or business but aren’t sure of the best systems to use, we’re here to help. We’re the experts in our field, and will get you set up with the proper filtration product to satisfy all of your needs.