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What’s Really Going On With The Flavored Water Epidemic?

What’s Really Going On

With The Flavored Water Epidemic?

You’ve probably noticed the sudden influx in flavored sparkling waters being offered in grocery stores and gas stations everywhere. In fact, there have been allegations that big-name sparkling water brands like LaCroix are taking over the world. As fanatics of clean and fresh water, we’re trying to unveil the secret behind why these flavored sparkling water brands are so successful, and any health drawbacks of choosing a sparkling water over a glass of clean water.

various la croix flavors on ice

Sparkling water isn’t new, but the fame is

Despite the recent fame for flavored seltzer water, these beverages aren’t at all new to the market. In fact, LaCroix was founded in 1981 by Wisconsin’s G. Heileman Brewing Company, and hasn’t really changed their look or product too much since then, even after being acquired by National Brewing Corp. in 2002. Other non-flavored brands were founded even earlier than that, such as S. Pellegrino in 1899 or Perrier in 1863. While these brands have been around for decades, there are other brands who have just sprouted up to enjoy the recent sparkling water epidemic, such as Bubly, SodaStream, or Spindrift.

The proof is in the profit

Sparkling water sales have doubled in the last four years to about $1.5 billion, with LaCroix’s sales doubling in the last two years. This drastic increase in profit can be attributed to the amount of major companies jumping on the bandwagon and offering their own sparkling water brands. (USA Today listed some of the major companies and the sparkling water they offer, and you can read about that here.) With all of these new sparkling water brands surfacing from companies such as PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, and Nestle, and now Amazon who hopes to compete with LaCroix, it’s no wonder sales have seen a drastic incline. Many people attribute this increase in profit to the consumer searching for a healthier beverage option in an endless sea of sugary sodas. Many consumers are straying away from added sugars and toxic ingredients, and are hoping to find a bubbly option that will satisfy both their cravings and their health needs. However, are these sparkling water beverages as healthy as they’re claiming to be?

la croix water on a shelf

Is flavored sparkling water healthy?

Nearly 20% of Americans hate the taste of water, but understand how important it is to stay hydrated. Keri Gans, an author with Shape magazine, urged her readers to understand the different types of flavored water. Many consumers confuse the brands, and believe that plain sparkling water with no sodium is just as healthy as sparkling water with artificially sweetened liquid water enhancer, which could not be farther from the truth.

One of the major concerns with consumers who gulp down flavored water as if it were clean, is that they’re causing excess damage to their teeth. Sparkling or not, and even if the beverage uses natural fruit essences (such as LaCroix), the acidity in the beverage erodes teeth. If you drink flavored water like it’s your job, you might be noticing an increase in temperature sensitivity or a sudden influx in cavities.

Additionally, many flavored sparkling water companies claim to have added vitamins and minerals in their water, which persuades consumers into stocking up on their beverage. Some of these additives are potassium, phosphorus (which is a very common additive in flavored water), and even caffeine. People need to be aware of these additives, especially if they suffer from liver or kidney diseases. Essentially, if you’re not careful, consuming too many of these drinks can provide you with an excess of, or even the wrong kinds of vitamins and minerals, only hurting your health in the long run.

Don’t throw out your LaCroix yet…

Like most things, sparkling water is fine for your health in moderation and can provide variation in your daily water intake. However, we always recommend naturally flavoring your water with cucumber, mint, lime, or lemon before you resort to other types of flavored water. Sometimes switching your home water filtration system can provide you with better tasting water that you’ll be excited to drink. To get started on your fresh water journey, call us today and we’ll find the perfect water softener system for your home!