Bone-chilling Halloween Decorations Start with Dry Ice




Halloween is creeping around the corner. Is your house spook-tacular enough to host a haunting Halloween party? For a ghostly effect around your home, use dry ice. Dry ice is the creepiest way to take your Halloween decorations to the next level but many of us are foggy on what exactly dry ice is. In this week’s Quality Water blog, you’ll learn what dry ice is, how to handle it safely, and how to use it in your Halloween decorations this year.

dry ice

What is dry ice?

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. At a temperature of -109 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s colder than cold. In comparison, water turns to ice at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Sublimation is one of the cool things about dry ice. Unlike water, which goes from solid to liquid to gas, the frozen carbon dioxide transitions directly from a frozen solid to a gas.

Dry ice safety

You can purchase dry ice from local grocery stores but there are safety precautions to consider. Dry ice will burn your skin if you touch it without using the proper protection. Always wear heavy gloves to cover your hands from the super cold temperatures. Never eat dry ice or swallow it because, again, it will cause burns and severe damage.

In addition to avoiding direct contact with dry ice, you have to consider ventilation. The area where you keep the dry ice should be well ventilated. Since carbon dioxide is heavier than the air, it will become concentrated in enclosed spaces and become toxic. That’s a scary way to end your Halloween fun.

Dry ice decorations

Since dry ice has the handy sublimation property, it’s great for keeping food and drinks cold. Not only will your punch be surrounded by a haunting fog, but you’ll also avoid the mess of melting ice water. Here are our favorite ways to safely incorporate dry ice into haunting Halloween decorations.

Foggy pumpkin punch

Carve a pumpkin into an empty cauldron for your punch bowl. Once you remove the seeds and the inside gooey stuff, place your punch bowl inside. Wearing protective gloves, place the dry ice around your punch bowl and let the fog roll. This is a cool setup that keeps your drinks cooler. The dry ice stays out of your drink and you won’t be left with a frightful watery puddle at the end of the night.

dry ice

Creepy Cocktails

For a spine-chilling effect that actually chills your drink, you can place a small cube of dry ice directly in your creepy cocktails. The frightening fog will give your drinks an edge. This is recommended for adults-only parties because dry ice can be dangerous. Help your guests avoid contact with the dry ice, which would burn their lips and mouths, by using spooky straws. Once again, do not directly consume the dry ice. The straws will ensure you and your guests safely enjoy the spooky drinks.

Bone-Chilling Bubbles

Make an eerie concoction of dry ice bubbles that make your Halloween decorations a spooky edge. All you have to do is add a couple drops of dish soap to warm water and pour the liquid over dry ice. For a ghostly scene, put the bubbling mixture in your favorite cauldron. The dry ice and soapy water will form gas-filled bubbles that pop in a burst of fog.