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Hot Water Health Benefits




Hot water health benefits

In the cold winter months, an ice cold glass of water isn’t always appealing. To stay hydrated and healthy, it’s easy to switch to hot water. In addition to warming up, you’ll appreciate the other benefits of heating up your hydration. Drinking warm water has several health benefits that will help you feel your best this winter.

Warm water helps improve your digestive system, especially when you drink it on an empty stomach. It helps stimulate digestion and get your intestines moving, which keeps you comfortable and helps eliminate waste.

Heat is known for its calming, soothing effects on the body. When you drink warm water, you may notice that it helps you relax and it relieves sore, cramped muscles. Experts believe that the warm water stimulates blood circulation, which is one of the reasons this remedy is so effective. Not only does the increased circulation help with aches and pains, but drinking warm water to increase blood flow also has other benefits.

Improved blood flow from drinking warm water may help stimulate the fat burning cells to improve weight loss and slow the aging process. Water is a great way to flush out toxins, keeping you healthy and young. Hot water boosts the detox process and may help with skin cell repair. To get the most benefits out of your daily dose of hot water, doctors recommend drinking it in the morning.

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Best water boiling methods

Now that you know the health benefits of drinking warm water, learn about the different ways you can boil water. You’ll discover the best and most efficient way to boil your water to perfection.


Microwaves are the least efficient way to heat water. A lot of the energy in this heating process is lost as the appliance converts energy to the microwaves that are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. These appliances also heat the water unevenly, making it difficult to get the right temperature. Temperature is especially important if you’re using the water to brew tea.


Stovetops and tea kettles are another way to heat water. Gas stoves tend to boil water faster than electric ones but both will get the job done in about 10 minutes. Stovetops heat water from the bottom up, heating until a uniform temperature is reached. Once the water is hot, the steam and water vapor will build until you hear that characteristic whistle from your kettle.

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Electric kettles

Electric kettles are specifically designed to heat your water quickly and efficiently. This tends to be the most convenient option if you’re an avid hot water drinker. In just three to four minutes, an electric tea kettle will have your water ready to drink or pour into a pot of tea. These kettles are also more efficient than stovetop options because they focus all their energy into heating the water, eliminating wasted energy. Insulated kettles keep your water hotter for longer. Electric kettles also have settings so you can adjust the heat to a specific temperature.

Best ways to drink hot water

Now that you know the importance of drinking hot water, and you know how to heat it properly, check out these suggestions for the best ways to drink hot water. Many people choose to just drink a cup of hot water plain. For those of us who want to add a little flavor, here are healthy options for hot water drinks.

Hot water with lemon

Adding a little bit of lemon to your hot water will maximize the health benefits and the flavor. To make this drink that will warm you from the inside out, just squeeze a little lemon juice into your hot water. Typically, most hot lemon waters use about half a lemon for each drink. For a hint of spice, add a cinnamon stick to your drink, then enjoy!

Warm lemon water is a great way to get a boost of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and other antibacterial benefits.

Hot ginger root

Ginger is great for digestion health. This warm drink keeps things moving and can help relieve coughing. To make this hot water drink, just boil three ounces of thinly sliced ginger root in a cup of water. To sweeten the pot, add a bit of honey to your drink.