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Happy New Year! Welcome to 2020, is it officially the future? We are in full New Year’s Resolution mode and determined to *actually* drink more water this year. You know it’s one of the healthiest things you can do, and every year your Drink More Water resolution falls flat 2 weeks (days?) in. This year, we’ve got you covered and you’re going to nail it. The biggest pitfall to success in any new habit is thinking you can just muscle your way through with sheer willpower when what you actually need is a plan. Fail to plan? Plan to fail.

You’re pumped. You wanna crush this. You’ve got all that new-decade excitement going on and you’re ready to go all out on your goals!

That’s great, but maybe dial it back a bit. Zero to sixty overnight can actually kill your habit before it gets off the ground. Focus on establishing the actual habit behavior first. Get drinking water into your daily life before you try hitting a massive intake goal. It needs to become a natural part of what you do every day first before you increase the amount of effort you’re throwing behind it. That way you don’t burn out before you get started.

When you invest in putting a system in place, whether that investment is in the form of money, effort, or both, you’re more likely to make use of that system. If you can just drop it at any time, you often do. We happen to think any good habit of increased water intake deserves the investment of clean, healthy filtered water, and of course we’d be happy to help you with that. Having that clear step toward this great habit might just be the difference between sticking with it or not.

“I’m going to drink more water” is just vague enough to fall off the wagon the first week. Make the plan to build the habit in, and then clear steps of how to implement it, and your reasonable goals (and rewards!).

Doing anything alone is less fun. When things are less fun, you don’t want to do it. Get a friend, family member or even an app to track along with you. Someone who knows your goals and will check in on you is key! Even the accountability to yourself to see a string of wins on a calendar is great motivation to keep chugging. Literally.

If you’re wanting to drink more water, and soda is your current drink of vice, straight up don’t buy the soda and think you will have the willpower to avoid it or have it in moderation if that hasn’t been the case til now. Instead, equip your environment with the water you should drink instead of the soda you’re wanting to avoid. We’ll have a post later on with all kinds of drink tips for getting that water in.

There are plenty of things you already do everyday: getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, having breakfast, doing the dishes… you wouldn’t normally think to call those things habits, but they continue to happen daily because at one point you chose to prioritize them, and now you don’t even think about it. Get your new water habit on the same train as your current habits/routine. Every time you get in the car to drive to work, have a bottle of water there that you finish before clocking in at your desk. Lunchbreak? Drink. Cooking dinner? Drink. Pick the daily tasks to tie your water to and before you know it, you’ll have yourself a healthy little drinking habit.

We’ll check back in with more healthy drinking tips next month. Until then,