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Adventures Await with LifeStraw

Adventures Await

with LifeStraw

At Quality Water Services, we devote our time and energy to providing clean and good tasting water for families and businesses. Sometimes though, you’ll find yourself in a bind and will need to find clean water. There are certain devices to help test water while on wilderness adventures, but you’ll need a way to clean the water if you discover it’s not safe to drink. That’s where LifeStraw comes in.

man drinking water from a lifestraw

Show me the science

Many people feel skeptical when they see individuals leaning down to dirty puddles or rivers and drinking the water through a filtration straw. Rest assured, LifeStraw provides the science behind their products so you can feel confident that the water will be filtered. All of the products use a hollow fiber membrane to help trap contaminants in water while allowing the liquid to pass through. Contaminants larger that .2 microns remain trapped in the filter, and adventurers can enjoy up to 1,000 gallons of clean water with the straw.

I need cleaner water

The LifeStraw can be purchased for $19.95, and is meant for hiking, camping, travel, and emergency preparedness. It’s small enough to fit in a jean pocket, lightweight, and can be kept on your person at all times. However, for some people, this isn’t enough. Rest assured that the company has many other tools to be offered for various needs. They offer filtration water bottles, steel and upgraded portable life straws, as well as large high-volume water purifiers for disaster relief and public health settings. The company lists all of the contaminants removed when using each product to help you better make your decision when purchasing a LifeStraw product.

a lifestraw bottle being filled with water

Your purchase has impact

If you feel tempted to purchase a lifestraw in the case of an emergency, but aren’t completely convinced just yet, remember that you’re purchase will make an impact. For each LifeStraw purchased, a child in need will receive safe water for an entire school year. Their Give Back Program has already provided safe water for over 1,000,000 school children worldwide. We love that a child in need won’t have to worry about where they’ll find safe drinking water so they can focus on their studies.

Things to remember with LifeStraw

The personal filtration straw was originally designed for third world countries, to provide immediate and affordable relief for people who need it. With increased popularity, the straw has begun to expand into other purposes such as for people who are planning and outdoor trip. In addition to the straw, be sure to pack or plan on ways to find large sources of clean water. You won’t be able to save and bring water with you, as the straw doesn’t hold water in it’s cylinder. Also, since you won’t be able to store and carry the water with you, you’ll need to find another method of carrying water to your campsite for cooking purposes. Be sure to prepare accordingly for all of your needs, and plan for all of the possible circumstances you might find yourself in while camping or hiking.

If you’re not planning an outdoor adventure anytime soon, but would love cleaner and better tasting water in your own home, call Quality Water Services today for more information. We’re excited to provide your family with the water you deserve, and are sure to find the perfect water filtration service for your needs!