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Lishtot’s TestDrop Detects Water On The Go

Lishtot’s TestDrop

Detects Water Safety

On The Go

Clean water is something that millions of Americans disregard on a daily basis. Many people don’t take the time to ask questions about the water they consume, and most don’t even consider water safety an issue. On a larger scale, in most places around the world, clean water is not as readily available. Sometimes, when water appears clean, minuscule amounts of lead, protein, or other harmful chemicals can go unnoticed. Drinking unclean water on a regular basis can be extremely harmful, and sometimes lethal. There has been no technology to quickly and accurately detect the cleanliness of water – until now, that is.

This year at CES (International Consumer Electronics Show), millions gathered to enjoy learning more about new technology. Some devices will change the world, while others will aid in allowing a more convenient lifestyle. The most advanced technology is previewed here, and placing high in the competition is a great honor. This year, the winning device was Lishtot’s TestDrop.

man and woman drinking water on bridge

What is Lishtot’s TestDrop?

The founders of Lishtot Products invented the TestDrop to further their vision of a world where people only consume safe water. They feel that “people do not know enough about their water”, and are on a mission to change this.

Lishtot, an up and coming water quality testing company, is revolutionizing the ability to test and enjoy safe water on the go. In the shape of a water drop and the size of a small car key fob, the TestDrop can detect any unsafe contaminants in water (see the list of chemicals this device can detect here). By simply pointing the device at a glass or body of water, the light will either turn blue for “yes drink this water” or red for “this water is unsafe”. How does this ground breaking technology work? Simply by detecting the electromagnetic field surrounding the water, the device can decide if anything seems abnormal in just seconds.

Skeptics Learned the Truth

This device seemed too good to be true to many tech professionals. During the CES convention, many skeptics ran their own tests of the product on water of which they already knew the safety levels. In all of the tests conducted by critics, the device detected even the smallest amount of harmful chemicals, 100 percent of the time. The skeptics discovered this technology is no fraud.

man drinking water form drinking fountain

Longevity of TestDrop

Once the device is purchased, the tests are free and unlimited. The battery life lasts for years, even if 20-30 tests are conducted every day. This means the device can be useful for impoverished countries to aid in finding drinkable water, as well as for tech savvy health advocates. For those who like to go the extra mile, users can download the Lishtot app for their phone to track safe and unsafe water locations, as well as view water information uploaded by other users.

While Lishtot’s mission of clean water throughout the world has just begun, they are hopeful that people will invest in their vision. This device is altering the future of water safety, and if they are able to distribute this product worldwide, the TestDrop might just be life saving. For more information on common contaminants in water, check out Lincoln Public Works’ Annual Drinking Water Quality Report!