Reduce Water Waste This Thanksgiving




Holidays spent with family and friends are a mixture of great fun and great chaos. There’s people running all through the house, fights over the remote or whether to watch the Macy’s Day Parade or football, and love and laughter fill every room. One sinister downside to Thanksgiving, however, is that gallons of water are wasted by families. One estimate from the American Water Works Association in 2003 stated that the amount of toilets flushing during halftime on a Thanksgiving day football game was around 30 million at the time. That’s an estimated 108 million gallons of water just during halftime! This Thanksgiving, do your best to preserve nature’s most valuable resource with our list of water-saving tips for turkey day!

Prepare Food Efficiently

Preparing your meal with water consciousness in mind is crucial to reducing your water waste on Thanksgiving. Simple things we often overlook are also often the most wasteful. Firstly, when prepping your Thanksgiving turkey, give it time to thaw itself instead of running it under water to thaw. You’ll save gallons of wasted water by letting your bird thaw without help. On a similar vein, wash all the vegetables you plan to use in a bowl instead of rinsing them under the faucet. That way, the water can be replaced if it gets too dirty, but not before.

preparing thanksgiving dinner

Eat and Drink Responsibly

Did you know that from birth to your table, care, slaughter, and transportation of turkeys can use over 450 gallons of water a piece? Hams can be upwards of 550 gallons! Take small portions and don’t waste food because wasted food is wasted water. While more efficient water practices in agriculture are needed to reduce the inherent problems, you can do your part by not being wasteful with your food tomorrow or any day. Additionally, as Thanksgiving day wears on and people pick up and fill extra water glasses, round up all the half full cups and use the water for houseplants or give it to the dog. We promise, Fido doesn’t care if one of the little kids backwashed a little because he does it too.

preparing thanksgiving dinner

Clean Up

Cleaning up after all those people can be a real struggle when you’re trying to conserve water. For starters, don’t do any dishes until everything is put away and you have a full view of what needs washing. Then, start small with dishes that can just be scraped clean before going directly into the dishwasher – no scrubbing needed. For bigger, dirtier pots and pans, soak them in the sink with soap instead of scrubbing them under running water. You can go be with the family while the soap does the hard work for you. Once everything that can fit inside the dishwasher is situated run it. Running a half empty dishwasher, especially if you have an older model which tends to use more water, is extremely wasteful.

Use these tips from Quality Water Services to reduce your footprint tomorrow, and happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!