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Secret Causes of Dehydration



of Dehydration

Here at Quality Water Services, we are advocates of providing clean and safe drinking water through water softener installation in Omaha and Lincoln. We also believe it’s important to consume enough water to stay healthy. If you have a feeling you might not be consuming enough water, it’s important to take the time to analyze the signs of dehydration you might be exhibiting. However, sometimes we feel like we drink enough water, and still feel dehydrated. If you are confused as to how your water consumption is still leaving you thirsty, here are some of the causes of dehydration you might not have considered.

a woman laying on her side, sleeping in bed. A cause of dehydration

Sleeping too long

Most adults struggle to catch enough sleep each night, often settling for anywhere from five to seven hours of sleep. Not getting enough sleep has plenty of negative health impacts. While we hate to be the bearers of bad news, sleeping too much can be just as harmful for your health. Sleeping too long deprives your body of the water you should be drinking, and since many people sweat during their sleep cycle, the body loses water that way as well. If you sleep irregular hours, make sure to set an alarm every 6-8 hours to remind yourself to drink a glass of water.

Exercising (or doing chores) before bed

Dehydration and exercise don’t pair well together. If you visit the gym without enough water in your system, your workout will suffer. Similarly, if you don’t consume enough water after your workout, your heart and other muscles will suffer. If you make a habit of late night workouts, your body will require more water during sleep to heal properly. This goes for extraneous chores as well – if you vacuum your whole house top to bottom and hit the pillow right after, your body will need more water to resist dehydration.

a man curled up on his couch clutching his upset stomach

Invisible illnesses

When we get sick, our body requires more water to fight off the illness. Sometimes we vomit, experience diarrhea, or other symptoms that are obvious signs of our body losing fluid when we’re sick. Other times, a subtle cough or slight congestion is overlooked. If you feel you might be dehydrated, analyze your current state of health. Are you experiencing an illness in disguise? Water is necessary for flushing illnesses from your system. Drink a surplus of water if you feel you might be sick or in the process of developing a flu or cold, and you’ll bounce back faster than if you ignore the symptoms until they’re severe.

You think urine trouble

You might gauge your hydration levels on the color of your urine, and if the color appears unsatisfactory, you might feel like urine trouble (see what we did there?). While many people strive for a perfectly clear color, this actually indicates overhydration. Your urine should be a pale yellow color, and if it’s any darker, then it’s time to begin hydrating. If the color of your urine is a color other than yellow (such as orange, brown, or red), consider visiting your doctor to address any possible issues.

The above listed causes of dehydration are often overlooked or misunderstood. It’s important to consult your doctor on whether you’re consuming enough water in the appropriate time and are still experiencing signs of dehydration, as there might be underlying issues you’ll need to address. To assist you with your fight against dehydration, it helps to have the purest water possible. Call us to improve the quality of your home’s water renting or buying a water softener today!