Shower Talks Are Getting Steamy




People are passionate about their showering habits. Do you bathe or shower? Is the water hot or cold? A conversation about water is sure to lead to the benefits of one over the other. Water flows freely through our homes at any temperature, which means we have options when it comes to personal hygiene. Beyond getting clean, there are advantages to each kind of water when used for washing. Fortunately, most people shower daily so there are plenty of opportunities to find out what shower benefits matter most to you.

Bath benefits

A hot bath at the end of the day is a commonly prescribed home remedy for relaxation. As it turns out, there are some very real benefits to bathing. Baths are a scientifically proven way to improve your mood. The warm water and the horizontal position make people feel better. People with skin conditions benefit from a nice soak in bath water that’s enhanced with oils, soaps or medicated rinses. Before your run your bath, keep in mind that if the water is too hot your body could suffer from heat stress. Heat stress is especially hard on your heart so you might want to turn the water temperature down a notch.

Sore muscles can find relief in warm bath water. Athletes, however, benefit more from ice baths that reduce their recovery time. Icy water reduces swelling and gets rid of lactic acid buildup in your aching body. Start by only submerging the lower half of your body and eventually work your way up to higher water levels. Try to last 10 minutes in the cold water but never stay longer than 20 minutes. Staying too long in an ice bath can actually be detrimental to your performance level.

Shower power

If you don’t have time for a relaxing bubble bath, showers are the next best option. While most people prefer a nice hot shower, you will be rewarded if you can stand cleaning up in the cold. The obvious benefit of cold showers is increased alertness. The shock from the cold water raises your heart rate and increases your body’s oxygen intake. Icy water is a proven way to eliminate morning grogginess.

Mental rewards of cold showers

People who take cold showers build incredibly strong willpower. It’s unnatural for people to want to stand under freezing water so getting into the habit of this takes considerable mental strength. That mental strength will combine with a more resilient nervous system. Over time you’ll notice that your emotions are as cool and collected as your showers. You’ll be washing anxiety, anger and stress down the drain.

Physical rewards of cold showers

In addition to mental benefits, cold showers stimulate weight loss and are better for your skin and hair. When you take a cold shower, your body fat is activated to keep you warm, which burns extra calories. Your skin and hair lose natural oils in hot water, so taking cold showers protects you from that. With cold showers, your skin will look healthy and moisturized. Cold water will keep your hair shiny and strong with fewer split ends.

Hot shower advantages

If you’re committed to hot showers, there are benefits for you too. Hot water effectively reduces joint and muscle pain, especially for people who suffer from arthritis pain. The warmth boosts circulation, which stimulates healing. Steam and hot water open the pores in your body. This makes them easier to clean. Cleaner pores mean better skin with fewer blemishes. A steamy shower also loosens mucus and phlegm that builds up when you have a cough or congestion. If you suffer from insomnia a hot shower before bed is known to reduce stress and act as a natural sedative.

Whether you bathe or shower and whether the water is hot or cold, the end goal is to get clean. You don’t have to commit to a single hygiene routine but consider mixing it up this week. Be adventurous with a cold shower or relax with a soothing bubble bath.