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The Health Benefits of Soft Water

Soft Water Benefits

The quality of water you use directly impacts general body health. Not only can using hard water cause water borne illnesses, but also it can lead to stunted growth, reproduction problems, increase the risk of cardiovascular problems, and a mineral imbalance. Hard water has a high concentration of calcium, magnesium and iron. Thus, it’s important to soften your water before drinking. This can be done with the aid of a special water softening machine. We are going to look at the health benefits of soft water in this article.

Ensures correct mineral balance in the body

First, soft water helps avoid mineral and chemical buildup in the body. Water comes into contact with dirt and pipes before making its way to you. One example of a harmful substance found in hard water is lead. It has been associated with slow mental and physical development in children. Chemical and mineral build up in the body alter normal mineral balance, thus affecting normal organ functions. Softening water helps eliminate high mineral content, dirt and chemicals.

Soft water is good for your skin

Second, good looking and healthy skin is a result of being hydrated. Making the switch to soft water will give you drastically healthier skin. High mineral concentration in hard water reduces the skins ability to retain water. This makes skin lose moisture and elasticity leading to wrinkles and dry skin. Also, dry skin can lead to eczema in children. Using quality water will ensure youthful and good looking skin, and prevent dry skin and wrinkles.

soft water
soft water
soft water

Benefits to hair

Also, using hard water in the shower makes it hard to effectively wash your hair. Minerals in hard water reduce foam production. Washing with hard water will make hair dull in appearance, and promotes dandruff. Soft water doesn’t react with soap, and will make hair shiny.

Eliminates risks of contracting waterborne illnesses

In addition to high mineral concentration, hard water may carry disease-causing microorganisms. Waterborne diseases are dangerous and could be fatal if not treated on time. Some diseases resulting from these microorganisms include typhoid, cholera, and dysentery among many others. Using a water softener helps kill and remove these harmful microorganisms.

Help quench your thirst

In addition, thirst is a result of an incorrect balance of bodily fluids. The body is made up of different fluids which help with many functions. For example, digestion, nutrient transportation, maintenance of body temperature and blood circulation. Drinking water with high mineral concentration disturbs correct body fluids. This can make you feel constantly thirsty.

Encourages efficient kidney functioning

Kidney uses water to remove soluble body wastes through urine. It ensures that harmful toxic is removed from the body and passed out in form of urine. To function effectively, the kidneys require a constant supply of water to wash out toxic substances. Drinking water with an imbalance will affect normal functions of the kidneys. Soft water has the correct pH balance thus making it easy for the kidney to excrete wastes effectively without much straining.

Keeps you energized

Lastly, fatigue results when muscle cells fail to maintain correct fluid balance. This causes low energy production and exhaustion, especially during physical exercises. Drinking soft water helps your muscle cells maintain their correct fluid balance. An energized body will help you get in the right mood and increase your productivity at workplace. Conversely, drinking hard water can affect muscles in a negative way. Not only that but it can make you extremely fatigued.

As you can see, there are many health benefits of soft water.