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Why You Should Install A Soft Water System

Why You Should Install

A Soft Water System

Installing a soft water system in your home is a big decision. There are factors to consider regarding price, whether you’ll buy or rent your new unit, and what type of system is best for you and your family. No matter what you choose, your cleaner water will benefit your home, not to mention the important people and things it houses, in a few ways. We’ve compiled a list of the improvements many people begin to see after they install a new soft water system.

Soft Water Provides a Cleaner Clean

Clothes end up looking brighter, longer, and dishes and appliances show fewer water marks in homes with soft water systems. That’s because the soap interacts with the stains, odors, marks, and chemical compounds on your items instead of the chemical elements like magnesium and calcium which are found in most tap water. Because of this increased effectiveness in your soap products, items in your home will likely get cleaner more easily after soft water is introduced. This also means you’re likely to use less soap and other cleaning products over time after bringing soft water into your home.

cupped female hands holding water

Soft Water is Beneficial for our Bodies

Washing your hands and body in regular tap water can make your skin extremely dry. This is especially true during winter when people are washing their hands more to stay healthy, avoiding the flu and other illnesses, while dry, cold conditions ravage your skin every time you walk outside. Soft water can help keep your skin hydrated. As with laundry and dishes, cleaning agents tend to be more effective when used with soft water. Because you’ll likely use less soap and shampoo, you can shower without worrying about drying out your skin or causing brittle hair.

Soft Water Keeps Pipes Clear

Over time, the chemical compounds found in many tap water systems will have a detrimental effect on pipes in a home, coffee makers, ice machines, dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances which use large amounts of water. All the extra chemicals and minerals can cause buildup and, eventually, clogs in tubes and pipes, rendering your items ineffective. Nearly everyone has encountered a shower head that barely trickles because of buildup from years of use. Make your appliances last longer by using cleaner, more effective soft water.

houseplants with spray bottle on counter

Soft Water Helps Houseplants

Many common houseplants are susceptible to breakage or stalling their growth due to the chemicals found in most tap water. It makes sense: plants only use water and light to thrive, so providing them purified water should aid growth. Most water is treated with chlorine or fluoride and contains other chemicals which can be harsh on plants. Cleaner water puts fewer unnecessary chemicals into plant’s soil, helping it thrive over the years.

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