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The holidays create some of the most magical moments of the year. There are few better times to be had than those spent surrounded by family, friends, and a table full of amazing food. Unfortunately, these can also be some of the most wasteful days of the year. Gathering friends and family for a big meal can also mean lots of water waste, but there are ways to cut back and conserve water this holiday season. This week, we’re outlining ways to save water this Thanksgiving for a more eco-friendly holiday experience!

Flush with Finesse

Did you know that black Friday is the busiest day of the year for plumbers? It turns out that because so many of us gather in one place on Thanksgiving, plumbing systems can get overwhelmed and need maintenance the next day, but not for the reasons you think. Mainly, it’s garbage disposals that have issues due to the excess food individuals wash down the drain during the holiday. To stop this Thanksgiving setback, scrape your dishes clean before washing them. You’ll save money on both your water bill and the repairs. Additionally, Thanksgiving means lots of extra people in your home using and abusing the restroom. That can mean a hike in your water usage due to Uncle Gary’s extra bathroom trips. Save yourself from these water closet woes and invest in a water efficient toilet to cut back on your waste this year.

Prep Food with Care – and Less Water

It can sometimes seem like the kitchen sink is flowing continuously this time of year. There are veggies to wash, dishes to clean, turkeys to thaw, and about a thousand other things happening in the kitchen at any given time, and it results in gallon after gallon of water waste. There are a few tips we can impart to help you be smart about your water use for the preparation of the big meal. Start by washing your veggies in a bowl rather than running water continuously over them. It’ll save gallons in excess water waste and your food will get just as clean. Then, when you’re cooking your veggies, try steaming them instead of boiling. You’ll use less water and the veggies will retain more of their natural vitamins and nutrients than they would with traditional boiling methods. Lastly, allow for the proper amount of time your turkey needs to thaw without intervention. Letting cold water run over your bird to thaw it is extremely wasteful when it’s just as easy to take the main course out of the freezer a few hours earlier and let the thawing process happen naturally.

Keep Drinking Water on Hand

This next tip may seem simple, but it’s sure to save water in the long run. Before, during, and after dinner, have pitchers of cold water set out for people to refill their cups. By doing so, you’re first ensuring that people continue to use and refill the same glass throughout the day. This results in fewer dishes to wash and, therefore, less water waste. It also saves water waste because instead of running to the sink, turning it on, and waiting for the water to get cold enough to drink, guests using pitchers of ice cold water to refill their glasses will have unfettered access to cold water without wasting the initial, slightly warm runoff from the faucet.

Thanks for choosing Quality Water Services for all your water conservation and purification information. For more tips on how to have a water-saving holiday, check out our blog from last year. Finally, from our family to yours, have a happy Thanksgiving!