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Different Types of Water Filtration Products

Different Types of

Water Filtration


Quality Water Services is dedicated to providing the best quality water filtration products without the hassle of sales hypes and empty promises. We let our products do the talking for us, and invite anyone to visit our showroom or schedule a house call for zero charge. Sometimes water filtration products can be confusing, which is why this week we’re discussing our four main different types of water filtration products and what to expect out of them.

technician installing water softener

Water Softeners

As water passes through the ground and pipes, it picks up contaminants and minerals that can be harmful to our bodies and our homes. Of these minerals, calcium and magnesium are of the most common, and make our water hard The most typical water softener is plumbed directly into your home’s water supply system. All water softeners utilize the same principle, and that is to trade the harmful minerals for something else, in most cases sodium (this is called ion exchange.) Hard water can make hair brittle and can leave calcium stains on appliances. Most people enjoy soft water more, as it leaves their homes and bodies feeling and looking better.

BIF Iron Filter

By utilizing a BIF series chemical free iron filter, you’ll find removing stubborn iron without chemicals is easier than you may have though. Iron in drinking water not only creates an unpleasant metallic taste, but can create many health problems as well when consumed in large quantities. Water that is very high in iron appears brownish, and may even contain a sediment when it settles. It’s important to regularly test your water, and if your water experts feel necessary, install a type of iron filter in your home or business.

Aqua Flo Platinum, a water filtration product

Aqua Flo Platinum

Our favorite part about implementing a filter for customized drinking water in homes is that it provides the perfect water for all purposes, every time. By utilizing the Aqua Flo Platinum filter, we customize your water by using sediment filters, carbon filters, reverse osmosis or ultra filtration, and several other filter options. The purpose of using a customized filtration system is to ensure that your family and friends are provided with the best possible drinking water, as water can maintain different quality even within the same community.

95 MTS Commercial Water Softener

If you’re a business owner or are concerned for the quality of water in your employers facility, a commercial water softener would be an appropriate choice to improve the quality of water. Some businesses opt to install many low functioning water softeners rather than making a larger upfront investment to provide continuous soft water 24 hours a day. We recommend our 95 MTS system due to the unique advantages it offers, such as optimum softening efficiency, lower capital cost, high soft water insurance, and many other benefits. Making a one time large investment will safe money and headaches down the road, rather than implementing small softeners throughout your apartment, hospital, laundromat, office building, nursing home, school, or any other building you may be trying to improve the quality of water within.

If you have more in depth questions about what type of water system may be best for your home or business, call Quality Water Services for help with your water decisions. We’re here to guide you through choosing the best, most practical, and affordable option for your needs.