Cool Kids on the Block




On hot summer days, it’s easy for kids to get riled up indoors. If you’re willing to get a little wet and wild, you and your kids will be solidified as the cool kids on the block. Turn your backyard into a splash zone with these low-cost water games.

Little Tikes Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler

This inflatable water toy is designed for kids one year and older but it’s fun for people of all ages. Bright colors and built-in lights make this water toy the perfect way to cool off under the hot sun or on a summer night. The beach ball connects to a water hose and shoots out water for splashes and smiles.

Backyard baseball

Switch out your baseballs for soaked sponges or water balloons to add a summer twist to your backyard fun. You might not smash it out of the park but you’ll definitely splash it onto your friends. Take your summer backyard baseball to the next level by replacing the baselines with slip ’n slides. With this water addition, you’ll easily slide into home.

DIY slip ’n slide

If you’re not into baseball but you love sliding around the backyard, make your own slip ’n slide. All it takes is a tarp, a water hose, and some dish soap. With these easy ingredients, you and your kids will be sliding all over the yard. The hill in your backyard that’s such a pain to mow will turn your slip inside into a waterslide. Waterslides are absolutely the coolest way to cool off this summer.

Agua piñatas

Instead of using traditional candy-filled piñatas, swap them out for a summer alternative. Smash and splash all day long with water balloons. You can either tie them from the nearest tree or suspend them from any elevated surface. Big kids and little kids will both go wild for the watery fun.

Sponge bomb fight

Instead of spending hours filling water balloons, sponges are an easier, more environmentally friendly solution. Cut colored sponges into rectangles and tie them together with string. Fill buckets with water then let the soaked sponges fly. You can play a wet version of dodgeball or go crazy during a typical free-for-all water fight. With these spongy water bombs, you can have hours of uninterrupted fun.

Water guns

From water guns to super soakers, these summer toys are fun for everyone. It’s easy to refill your watery ammunition time and time again. There are several different models with varying amounts of “fire power” so you can adjust your game plan accordingly. Regular water fights are a blast, but you can also switch it up with water gun games. Try stacking plastic cups into a pyramid and knocking them down with your squirt gun.

When summers days heat up, cool off with watery fun. These backyard water activities can all be enjoyed from the comforts of home at a minimal cost to you. Set up your own backyard water park and you’re sure to be the coolest parents on the block.