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Hair, skin & Water softener benefits

Why Soft Water

While soft water has many benefits for your clothes and dishes (and your wallet), it also helps your hair and skin tremendously. Here are some examples regarding the benefits of soft water for your hair and skin.

Hair: Soap and hard water do not go together. The soap reacts with the minerals that are in hard water, creating soap curd, which results in sticky residue on your skin. This leaves your pores clogged. Soft water removes some the harsh minerals making it easy for the soap to lather. Because of this, you won’t have to use so much water trying to rinse the soap off. Hard water also dries out your skin, thus leaving your skin itchy and flaky. Soft water is said to benefit people with eczema and other skin problems as it reduces inflammation and itchiness.

Skin: As much as hard water dries up your skin, it dries out your hair as well. It can leave your hair feeling rough and dry. Hard water traps bacteria in your hair. Hard water also strips your hair’s natural oils, while soft water leaves these for a softer texture and shine. Because soap takes so long to dissolve in hard water, you will be left having to repeatedly rinse your hair, leaving it damaged. In conclusion, the water softener benefits include having healthy hair.